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Custom Distribution

Customized solutions for the movement, storage, and handling of your goods

Murphy provides customized, value-added logistics solutions tailored to suit your business goals.

Murphy understands that no two customers are alike. Every supply chain is unique and can’t be optimized through run-of-the-mill logistics services. While other logistics service providers work on economies of scale, we leverage our capabilities to match specific customer demands. We’ve formed many long-term partnerships with clients that have diverse industry backgrounds.

The Murphy Promise: A Custom Solution For Every Challenge

More than a century of experience has taught us to understand our customer’s customers. Our portfolio of clients includes both B2C and B2B businesses of all scales and types. We are deeply invested in building inventory that solves a wide range of custom logistics challenges.

For heavy-hauls, we provide a wide range of flatbed trucks along with rigging, millwright, and erecting services. For e-commerce partners and omnichannel deliveries, we provide last-mile delivery, pick and pack, and reverse logistics. We also offer value-added distribution, including labeling, kitting, inspection, and compliance.

We are certified to handle a wide range of goods ranging from industrial machinery to cold chain logistics. We form long-term partnerships with customers who know we are happy to solve their unique logistic needs.

Our custom distribution services include:

  • Transload and Cross-docking Services
  • Full Truckload Shipping
  • Local and National Transportation Solutions
  • Pool Distribution
  • Flatbed Shipping
  • LTL Shipping
  • Rail Shipping
  • Rail Siding
  • Kitting Services
  • Pick-and-Pack
  • Customs Support
  • Extensive Order Fulfillment Options

Custom Distribution: Why Choose Us

Murphy operates 14 facilities in the Twin City metropolitan area and Kansas City, with 2.8 million square feet of dry, temperature-controlled, outdoor, and food-grade warehousing space. We operate an extensive fleet of modern cargo trucks with in-house staff and real-time monitoring to ensure hyper-local deliveries that are consistently accurate.

Murphy 3PL Network

Murphy takes pride in its partnerships in the industry. We have one of the largest networks of 3PL brokerage partners, giving our clients the best price discovery in the market. As one of the largest commercial rail transloading providers in the Upper Midwest, we can provide low-cost, flexible rail hauls to our clients.

Customized Inventory Control

The Murphy Vendor Management System is one of the best in class, where clients can remotely access all information on their assets and make real-time decisions. Vendor data is updated in real-time across all stages of the supply chain.

Midwest International Logistics Center: Murphy Foreign Trade Zone

Murphy is the only regional player with its own General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone 119 (FTZ). Located on our Minneapolis campus, this hub is dedicated to goods kitting and reassembly before entering US soil, helping importers avoid inverted tariff and customs restrictions.